Red Diamond Decaffeinated Ground Coffee 11 oz

Product Description

Our 97% decaffeinated ground coffee is produced using carbon dioxide, the finest and purest method of decaffeination available in the world today.

Our unique blend of high-grown South American coffees has a richness and taste that is uncompromised by the decaffeination process. The reason is simple: carbon dioxide is a gas that leaves no bitter chemical taste or undesirable flavor, thereby allowing the full coffee richness to come through in the cup.

For those who love ground decaffeinated coffee, ours is the perfectly balanced blend.

  • Medium roast ground decaffeinated coffee
  • 11 oz of decaffeinated ground coffee in a resealable bag
  • Gluten free and certified kosher
  • For your home or office, delivered directly to your door
  • Great experience with a money back guarantee
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