Pre-Measured Portion Pack Coffee

Get Red Diamond premium ground coffee delivered directly to you in perfectly portioned packs. Our pre-measured ground coffee pillow packs are quick and easy to use, and make the perfect pot of coffee every time - guaranteed.

Each portion pack can brew up to 64 ounces of coffee, depending on the desired strength, and is perfect for the office, restaurant or lunchroom.

Choose from a variety of blends such our exclusive Wright's Mill Restaurant Blend, our popular Classic Blend, Colombian, Sumatra, Hazelnut and many more.  Regular or decaf, we have the pre-measured coffee pack that you need for your work environment.

Don't forget to order your Red Diamond Office Coffee Supplies for delivery at the same time.

Pre-Measured Portion Pack Coffee

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High Altitude Rio Samba 3 oz. Portion Pack Coffee 42 count